This whole dating scene is new to me. The only guys I’ve ever dated were friends, and a relationship just evolved out of being the only two within a social circle single at the same time. Hardly anyone even used the internet when I was 20, and Facebook didn’t exist.

So someone please let me know if there is an updated etiquette guide around when do you become facebook friends with a guy, and when do you remove them when it becomes glaringly apparent you do not want them in your life?

I love singlegirlblogging who declared that she would rather sleep with a guy than become facebook friends with him. And now I whole heartedly agree. There are guys on there that I had ONE date with. Can I just remove them? I’m hoping I never run into them in person again. The ones that I gave the “I’m just not ready for a relationship yet” line to are going to see when I am in another relationship.

I’m not trashing fb. I freaking love it. Especially when you first meet someone, tell me you don’t immediately check out their facebook. Photos, friends…security settings are just a tease. What if they like some random pages? (I ran a mile from someone who had an extraordinary amount of hunting and gun clubs as his “likes”). Or they’re drunk in every photo? Every “friend” is blond with big tits? Which one’s the ex? Etc etc…..

Of course, there’s a line to cross. My Aquarian single girlfriend is obsessive, in the nicest possible way. It’s not unusual for me to get a text saying that the guy she’s seeing has just “liked” some other girls photo. Or that said girl has liked and commented on every update he’s posted in the last six weeks. Too much time on her hands?

Another scenario happened to me recently. After dating a guy for a fortnight, he asked when I was intending on changing my status to “in a relationship”. I FREAKED OUT. A fortnight? So far for me, this is just convenient, very regular sex. I haven’t seen that option on fb before. That became a big issue for him. Along with the fact that the last few people I had become ‘friends’ with were all male. Trying to explain that one of them was him, one a workmate, one a student…nope, I was definitely cheating on him.

Things are complicated these days.


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