Getting to know you (TMI alert)

So I had a realisation this weekend past.

Virgo man and I went away for the weekend to the beach. Which was awesome, and relaxing, and romantic, thank you for asking. But it certainly highlighted aspects of our relationship which I found intriguing.

So, as previously mentioned, we’ve only been together about three months. We don’t live together yet, although this will change within the next month when he breaks his lease. And I realised that obviously, we still don’t know each other that well yet. There isn’t yet the familiarity and comfortability (is that even a word?) that long term relationships have. And I assume that most couples who become pregnant already have that familiarity with each other.

Ok, enough dodging the actual topic. TMI time. Being still in the honeymoon phase, I haven’t farted in front of him (that he knows of, tee hee) or gone to the toilet for a number two, etc etc. Over an entire weekend away you have to do that! Especially when you’re pregnant.

The ONLY pregnancy symptom I have so far (despite the obvious lack of menstruation) is constipation. It’s really common, due to the progesterone in the system. Which leads to bloating, gas etc etc. So he was HORRIFIED the first time I farted.


That stuff does not bother me. Please, I’ve been ignoring his gym socks and wet dog smell in his house since we met. I have a legitimate excuse for bodily functions right now! And let’s be honest, it’s only going to get worse.

I decided that you can’t call a relationship “committed” until you have overcome some major obstacles together first:

  1. At least one of you has had food poisoning/gastro, and the other has had to look after you. Preferably the roles get reversed at some stage so you both get to experience the joy.
  2. You have babysat a friends child, or high maintenance pet.
  3. Spend considerable time (at least a long weekend, or Christmas lunch) with the various crazy members of each others families.
  4. Know how much each other earn at work.
  5. Go traveling together. Extra points for overseas, a different language, and driving a hire car.

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s late and my brain is shutting down. Update to the list soon. Feel free to add your own



The hardest part of being pregnant so far is not being able to tell anyone. Trying to wait until the 12 week point is like torture. When it’s someone else’s secret, I can take it to the grave. My own secrets I want to sing from the rooftops. Surely this is strange behaviour being a Scorpio Rising?

Anyway, I had to tell my boss today. We were doing dry needling techniques in a class around the sacrum, and I knew it was a contraindication for me. It was also awkward to tell him as we’d been in meetings all week about me getting a bit of a promotion. I’d been sitting in these meetings knowing I wouldn’t be here after October.

But it was all ok. He gave me a big hug and congratulated me. Made a joke that it wouldn’t get me out of doing my work. It was such a relief to tell him. It has eased the urge to tell people for a while….


So I confess, I find myself in a blogging conundrum today.

I started this blog several months after I became single, and thought I might have enough interesting stories to tell. I have many blogs posts already written, that I was going to drip feed into the blog, admittedly, some of them months after they happened.

And then I met a guy. And fell into a relationship.

I resisted with all my strength, but he was tenacious. Not that I was completely passive in this – I really like him. I just wasn’t sure I was ready. I knew in my heart the next long term relationship was IT – but I thought I had more single adventures to have!!!  Hence why the blog has slowed down considerably after only a couple of posts. He’s a Virgo, and I have never spent much time in the company of Virgos, especially male ones. All my previous significant relationships were with Fire signs – two Leos and and Aries. So we spent most of the first two months adapting to the completely opposing energies that we were bringing to this relationship.

And then…I found out last week I was pregnant.

I suspected it for a week before that. I’m not on the pill, so I track my cycle pretty closely. I was using condoms, before anyone asks. I went to him and cried. This relationship was so new still, not even three months old. This was the last thing we needed, when we were still trying to get to know each other.  I was going to keep it – I’m pro choice, but it didn’t feel right for me personally.

But he was wonderful. He cried too. Told me he loved me, had been wanting to say it for weeks. He’d known from the start I was the one. He was just waiting for me to realise it too. We went to the doctor the next day together and had it confirmed.

So…now our conversations revolve around our new plans. Moving in together, doctors appointments, finances, baby names…and still getting to know each other. This journey just keeps getting more interesting.

So the theme of the blog is changing slightly. I’ll probably still post some of the single stories – let’s see how two themes run together. After all, this is still all my post Saturn Return story…