And then…

So things have picked up. Still so tired I could cheerfully put my head down on my desk and go straight to sleep at any given moment, but my belly started growing and strangers started commenting (positively). Now it feels real, and even the hard days are easier when I rub my belly and feel this baby making itself more room.

And then…

My dad called on the weekend. After a routine check up with his doctor (and then some more tests) he’s been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. His surgery is in 9 weeks time. He had no symptoms at all. He’s only 64 years old.

As you can probably imagine, I’m a little bit of a mess over it. There are many families I know that have lost a family member around the time of a new arrival, and in the back of my mind I think I’ve sometimes thought that maybe there’s only room for a certain number of people.

I realise I’m being irrational. 

I tried to tell Virgo Man I was fine, then burnt my finger tips on a hot tray out of the oven and cried for an hour.

I think knowing your parents aren’t invincible is one of the hardest ideas to get used to.


5 thoughts on “And then…

  1. Very sorry. I live across the country from my parents – and their having aged so, the few times I’ve seen them, has been hard to swallow.

  2. I swung by for any updates. How’s your dad doing? And thanks for the follow on My Holistic Table. And my apothecary info might interest you…? So you don’t have to search…..(I hate to make a pregnant woman do ANything. =) ) here it is…

    All the best….

    • Hey there, thanks for the comments and recommendations. Dad is good, his surgery is scheduled for the end of August (the first available appointment) so we’re just waiting…and waiting… They live a couple of states away too, so its hard not seeing them and sharing day to day life with them. xx

      • Yes, of course it’s hard. Arnica starting two days pre-op, and through the week post-op about 4 times a day would be great to help him heal up. BUT he has to be comfortable with it. Let me know if he’s up for it, and I can give you a few specifics on how to take. (They taste sweet. =), at least the preparations sold at market.) I hope you’re doing okay. Diana (Trying to put up a post on the food blog today! “How to Eat…”)

  3. Holistic Chef says:

    I just put up the page HOW TO EAT. I thought my readers would get it, but apparently not (would love to know if you did, so I can figure this out, technically). I guess it didn’t go out bc it’s not a post, but a page. In any event, letting you know since you’re following. Enjoy, and I’d love an update on you and dad. XXxxx Diana

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